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WaveMark Enhances Comprehensive OR Inventory Management Solution
March 03, 2013
 WaveMark Enhances Comprehensive OR Inventory Management Solution

Boston, Massachusetts – Today at HIMSS 2013 in New Orleans, WaveMark, the market leader in Real-Time Healthcare Supply Chain Innovation, launched a series of software and hardware enhancements to its comprehensive OR inventory management solution.  The broad reaching set of enhancements extends WaveMark’s leadership position in bringing innovative operational, clinical, and financial benefits to healthcare providers around the world.

“After using WaveMark for 5 years supporting over 8,000 procedures in our Cath, EP, and IR labs, expanding the use of the solution to our Hybrid OR was a natural move as part of our migration to a single strategic platform for our high value Physician Preference Items (PPI). During the expansion to the Hybrid OR the WaveMark solution continued to prove itself with over $100,000 in immediate savings through cross-department inventory sharing and optimization. We are also pleased with the full real-time visibility into our inventory and usage that the system provides,” says Dan Johnson, RN, Director Surgical Services, Tufts Medical Center. “The solution is well liked by staff because it’s easy to use, our workflows are more efficient, and we always have on hand what is needed by the surgical team to take care of patients. The system supports Tufts culture of safety by proactively pushing pertinent information to us instead of clinicians having to react to costly and disruptive exceptions. ”

Building on a decade of success in the cardiovascular interventional procedure areas, WaveMark has expanded its OR solution portfolio to include:
  •  The WaveMark SmartWand, an all-in-one RFID and barcode handheld reader specifically designed for the healthcare industry.  Fast and flexible, the SmartWand is used in conjunction with tablet apps to cycle count, streamline picking, manage remote stocking locations, and to place orders. 
  • Over 50 custom RFID SmartCabinet configurations to support a variety of OR product, storage, and space needs.  The WaveMark RFID SmartCabinets support the efficient point-of-use tracking methodology which is favored by clinical staff over the workflow-inhibiting point-of-dispense style cabinets.
  • Support for a wide set of OR specialty areas ranging from cardiac surgery, cardiovascular rhythm management, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, to less invasive interventional cardiology, neurovascular, peripheral vascular, interventional radiology, and electrophysiology procedures.
  • A mobile RFID tracking system that complements the RFID SmartCabinets and that leverages a hospital’s existing product storage units such as Metro shelves and refrigeration units.  This results in orders of magnitude increase in efficiency and accuracy over barcode based solutions.
  • WaveMark’s MobileHospital iPad app that enables tracking of lower value surgical supplies in the same cloud-based software solution as the products tracked with RFID, providing unified visibility across all items regardless of cost.
  • The most advanced and versatile point of care workstation to increase charge capture accuracy, provide product safety alerts, and enable operating room staff to quickly document product information in multiple systems with a simple wave of the RFID tag or a scan of a product barcode.  Administrators also benefit from this solution through accurate product cost per case statistics and other advanced analytics.
  • An implant and tissue tracking module that provides hospitals with an intuitive and efficient set of tools and workflows that meet their regulatory compliance objectives.
  • The ability to leverage investments in existing OR systems, ADT, billing, procurement, and clinical documentation systems with interfaces that free clinicians from tedious paperwork and eliminate repetitive data entry and errors.
  •  Item level locator functionality that allows staff in the operating room to identify online the availability and location of medical items needed, thus decreasing turnover and case setup times, as well as improving patient safety.
  • Advanced Analytics, a browser-based business intelligence and analytics platform that provides time-series analysis of cost per case, inventory positions, usage, inventory costs, and other critical variables for trend and pattern detection in a single intuitive interface.
  • Partnerships with leading global medical device manufacturers that actively participate in the solution by shipping RFID tagged products to create shared visibility of inventory positions, and provide electronic notification to hospitals as shipments are processed and shipped from their distribution centers.

WaveMark is demonstrating its entire solution portfolio this week at HIMSS 2013 in New Orleans as a Diamond sponsor of the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion (booth 8711) and with partners Intelligent InSites (booth 8025) and HP (booth 8711).  WaveMark customers from Tufts Medical Center, Washington Adventist Hospital, and Saint Joseph’s Hospital Atlanta, will present at HIMSS and receive industry leadership recognition awards.  In addition, WaveMark is exhibiting this week with partner Skytron at the AORN conference in San Diego (booth 3517).

 “WaveMark is uniquely positioned to meet the inventory management needs from interventional procedure areas to traditional and hybrid operating rooms,” says John Wass, CEO of WaveMark.  “Our solution brings new capabilities to the peri-operative space that will streamline data capture and allow for real-time supply management by exception.  Users will be able to rapidly resolve supply shortages and mitigate risks which will lead to improved patient safety and improved supply chain management.”

About WaveMark

WaveMark is the market leader in Real-Time Healthcare Supply Chain Innovation. WaveMark solutions drive innovation from point-of-manufacture to point-of-care enhancing patient safety and regulatory compliance, while improving the economics of healthcare.

WaveMark solutions leverage RFID, cloud, and mobile technologies to bring quality, financial, and operational transformation into the healthcare supply chain.  From real-time smart cabinets in hospitals to mobile apps for global medical suppliers, WaveMark’s flexible technology portfolio solves critical challenges in healthcare.


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