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Graydon Parchmont

Graydon Parchmont | Director, Cardiovascular Services

Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, TX

"The CFO is happy because we are saving money, the CEO is happy because the doctors have what they want, and I’m happy because my nurses and techs are happy! Thank you WaveMark!"
Karen A Armero RN

Karen A Armero RN | CV Supply Chain Business Manager

St Joseph Medical Center, Towson, MD

"The WaveMark interface to our MacLab system was so simple, we were up and running with no changes in software. The WaveMark system filled in the MacLab fields just as though it was a barcode reader. And the interface to our materials management system was a breeze."
Margie Rivera

Margie Rivera | Manager, Supply Chain and Contracting, Cardiovascular Institute

Florida Hospital, Orlando, FL

"Without WaveMark, we needed to inspect all of our products at least monthly. Now the WaveMark system automatically alerts and locates expired and short–dated products, and with recalls WaveMark not only shows us where affected lot numbers of product are  located, it also tells us if any had been used during a case."
Raul Navarro

Raul Navarro | Supply Coordinator, 7-Room Cath Lab

UMass Memorial Medical Center, Worcester, MA

"WaveMark gives me control. I tracked inventory pretty closely before, but there were always a few products that were unaccounted for. With WaveMark I know exactly what I have, how much and when I need to reorder, and I immediately know if something is missing."
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